We got the tools

We are well-rounded with skill sets that comprise of  analytics, finances, marketing, interpersonal, organization, communication, active listening, social cues, negotiation, patience, and tactfulness.

Certified Experience

Our Founder has a Master’s in Engineering with 15 years of background experience in engineering and construction/project management.

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee our client’s total satisfaction from initiating to closing out of the project.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are based upon our client’s need and budget along with our competitors’ pricing.

Your new dream project can now become reality.  Let’s make it happen together.

Commercial & Industrial Building Construction

Office Spaces, Retail Spaces, and Public Areas

Residential Construction

Single family and multi-family (duplex, quad-plex, apartments, and condominiums).


Project, construction, program, and property management.

‘First class dwelling’ and lifestyle

Prive′ Demeure, Inc. (PDI) is a real estate development and management company based in Washington, DC that was founded by Ashante’ Yussuf on October 31, 2002. The name Prive′ Demeure pronounced “Pree-veh’ Deh′- mure” is French for “first class dwelling”. This name was chosen because the Founder strongly believes that all people should be able to comfortably afford and own sound, quality homes. PDI’s scope of work is to provide premium quality residential/commercial/industrial properties through development, design, construction, and/or renovation along with property and project management.

Prive’ Demeure, Inc. has goals to develop new communities; revitalize depressed communities; increase community economic state by developing commercial properties; expand or redesign/renovate government buildings/office spaces/facilities; renovate or newly construct military housing and facilities; construct luxury homes and vacation villas; and volunteer to build homes for underprivileged countries/communities globally.

‘First class dwelling’ and lifestyle

Prive’ Demeure, Inc.’s (PDI’s) mission is paralleled with its company name meaning, ‘first class dwelling’, to develop a rich culture of providing ‘first class’ living/working space for all income-class citizens with uniquely designed and built residential, commercial, and industrial communities.

PDI is a company specializing in real estate development and property and project management.

Most importantly, we are a small, minority, women-owned business based out of Washington, DC with professional skills relevant to our scope of work to deliver your dream project.

We believe that everyone should more than comfortably afford their own home built with quality. A home is not just a building but it is a feeling and Prive’ Demeure, Inc. gives that extra tender loving touch to make homeowners experience  just that feeling.